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Boston Lock and Safe Co. is the experienced locksmith in Boston you can trust
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  The New England Safe Company   


   Presents a selection of high quality safes in popular sizes and designs which can fill a wide variety of needs for asset security and cash management.


   Keeping in mind that a good value means a quality product offered at excellent prices. The New England Safe Co. label represents a variety of well built safes produced with all the features needed for performing their task. By partnering our specifications with the capabilities of the finest manufacturers we can proudly bring great security products to consumers at competitive pricing.  


   Our team of designers are aware of the features that safes must have to provide the security and protection businesses require.


  The experienced New England Safe Company Sales and Support Solution Team are all part of a Lock & Safe Tradition that dates back to Colonial times.


   Use the menu above to view our selections of products on our catalog pages or to go to our technical support area.