The S&G Biometric Keypad has the batteries in a drawer at the bottom. Slide out carefully and pry the batteries off plug, do not pull on wires. Replace batteries one at a time and wait for a minute before powering up the lock with the start button. Batteries may need to be replaced often

 The single battery keypad has a slide out drawer at the bottom. Feel for the drawer at the bottom which may still have a yellow tab attached. Pull the drawer away from the door slightly and down to remove.


   Feel for the drawer at the bottom before you try prying the keypad away from the base.

  The 2 battery keypads batteries can be accessed by prying the keypad away from the base mounted to the door carefully.


  These Keypads are used on different models.


   Visit the web site to learn how to identify the models and use these locks



The Z02 Direct drive keypad needs to be pried away from the door carefully to access the batteries

 If your safe has a rectangular shaped keypad with the S&G logo and a digital keypad and a LED or LCD screen, it might be a model 6150 or 6300.

 Click on the Sargent & Greenleaf link. These safe locks have many features and are often powered by a plug in power supply so check the power supply is plugged in.

  There is a place to plug in an external battery on the side of these locks with a special adapter that uses 9 volt batteries attached to what looks like a telephone jack.