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  Does the safe open with a single key ?

  Some models ( our Internal Control - K series) operate with a SINGLE KEY mortise cylinder and an Adams Rite Maximum Security style deadbolt lock with a bolt that swings up to lock the door.

  There is very rare occasion when some part of the contents inside the safe stops the lock from opening by getting in the way.

  This condition is usually indicated when the key which normally turns around a full turn to unlock the door, only turns partially and then seems to stop turning at about halfway around.

  This might be caused by something stopping the bolt from unlocking completely. It might be the corner of an envelope or deposit bag as an example.

   If there is a drop slot in the top of the safe, using something like a bent stiff coat hanger which can reach in through the opening, try to move the obstacle out of the way.

  Wiggling the door might loosen whatever might be jamming to help resolve this type of problem.

  Keeping the contents organized and away from the lock bolt area on these safes will help avoid this problem.

  We suggest a basket be used to catch deposit envelopes.


WARNING: turning the key with pliers or excessive force is likely just going to break the key or the lock.


   If you do get the door open, clear the bolt area and try the lock several times with the door open. Look for evidence of damage and check the lock is operating fine with the door open. Lubrication could help if the lock seems stiff.

 If there still seems to be difficulty, contact a skilled technician to help further troubleshoot or repair the problem.  


We Recommend contacting BOSTON LOCK & SAFE CO. For an expert Safe Technician or Referrals.

Does the safe use a dual key lock ?  

    Some of our safe models feature a Miwa or Sargent & Greenleaf safe deposit type lock which normally uses 2 KEYS. Such as our key operated Under Counter series models and the inner locker doors on some of the larger front loading mailbox depository models.

  These normally require both keys to open the door. The keys should be in good condition to precisely align the tumblers in these locks.

  If you are having trouble, first check the keys for noticeable burrs or damage. Try the spare set if available.

  When either key is turning more than a half turn in the lock and the door is not opening, you will likely need a skilled technician to open the safe and replace the lock.

   The key that is further from the locking edge of the door ( Guard Key ) must be inserted first and turned before the other ( Renter's ) key and turning it.

   Pushing in on the door while turning the ( Renter's ) key might help if the lock bolt is not retracting because there is pressure on it which might be suspected especially if the door does not seem to move a little bit.

   In more extreme cases using a rubber mallet to tap on the face of the door at the same time as trying to turn the ( Renter's ) key could help, light tapping is all that is going to be necessary when this method is effective.

    The lock might have been damaged from attempting to close the door while the bolt was extended. It is likely the door would have been difficult to close and lock the last time it was accessed. There is the possibility that something in the safe could be in the way and stopping the door from closing completely.

  If you do get the safe open, try operating the lock several times while the door is open. If the lock is still difficult, do not close and lock the door again, it is best to call on a technician to repair or replace the malfunctioning lock.  


WARNING: turning the key with excessive force or pliers is likely just going to break the key or the lock.


  Any other problem will likely require a skilled technician to resolve.


 We Recommend contacting BOSTON LOCK & SAFE CO. For an expert safe Technician or Referrals.
















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